Diebstahlschutz Auto: Dashcams als Sicherheit für dein Fahrzeug

Have you wondered how to keep an eye on your car? Or have you ever experienced someone scratching or damaging your car? Or did someone break into your car at night and steal items? In this case, you should urgently think about the acquisition of a dashcam as a theft protection for cars.

How to protect your car from theft

The safety of our vehicle is vital because car theft and vandalism are unfortunately pervasive problems. In 2023, almost 30,000 vehicle owners in Germany reported a vehicle as stolen. That is an increase of 17.5 percent compared to the previous year, when almost 25,000 car thefts were reported. For this reason, you should take additional precautions not to give car thieves a chance. These include, above all, the following:

Complete the vehicle

Although it seems logical, sometimes we forget to lock our vehicle or consider it unnecessary, since we only leave it unattended for a few seconds. But this short time is enough for someone to steal the car. Therefore, you should work to develop the habit of always making sure that the doors and windows are completely closed and the vehicle is locked before leaving.

Park carefully

When you park your car, the place can make a big difference when it comes to preventing theft. Try to choose public parking spaces that are guarded, well lit and in a busy area. A car thief is more likely to avoid such places than dark alleys without people.

Alarm systems

Alarm systems are the classic among electronic anti-theft devices. A loud alarm can deter potential thieves and warn everyone nearby as soon as something happens. If your car does not have a built-in alarm, it is possible to retrofit. Modern alarm systems nowadays even have GPS tracking, making it easier for the police to locate the vehicle in the event of theft.

Install a dashcam

A dashcam is not only useful in the event of an accident, but is also increasingly used as a means of deterring car thefts. Security cameras in the car are an effective electronic anti-theft device, as they monitor both the interior of the vehicle and the surrounding area.

Dashcam motion detector

A high-quality anti-theft dashcam should have certain functions. This includes 24-hour motion detection. Thanks to this, the camera detects movements at an early stage and automatically activates itself for recording in parking mode. So when someone approaches the car and tries to open or damage the car, the camera records everything. Many cameras can be controlled via an app, so that you can not only follow and record what is happening live, but also receive push notifications for detected movements.

Dashcam with night vision

A high-resolution dashcam alone is of little use if it does not offer integrated infrared night vision. Since most thefts occur at night, it is important that the camera is able to increase exposure in dark environments to allow clear video recordings. In addition, the camera should be equipped with IR-LED lights in order to be able to recognize inner faces even in complete darkness in the vehicle if a thief penetrates.

Dashcam with app

Of course, the dashcam should have a user-friendly app to enable convenient control via the mobile. This allows you to take a look at your car at any time, whether you're on vacation or parked it in another location. The app is also helpful in order to be able to show the recordings to the police or insurance company as evidence in the worst case.

Car sticker

Often, bumper stickers are underestimated and simply thrown away. But the statement that the vehicle is being monitored is extremely deterrent and offers excellent additional protection against thieves. As a rule, the products are sent with stickers, so you do not have to purchase them separately.

Theft protection for your car all around

Thanks to the many different options, you have the opportunity to optimally protect your vehicle. You should keep in mind that a single measure is often not enough, even if a high-quality dashcam provides a good basis. Ideally, you should combine various measures to ensure the safety of your car in order to ensure the best possible protection at all times.

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