Dashcam Stromversorgung: Warum sie so wichtig ist und worauf du achten solltest

Dashcams in cars are becoming increasingly popular - and not just for filming the beautiful holiday landscape. It is much more important to ensure the necessary safety for your vehicle and for yourself. This is why modern dashcams, which are attached to the windshield or rear-view mirror, have become indispensable companions on the road. They not only provide evidence in the event of an accident, but also encourage more responsible driving. But what use is the best dashcam if it runs out of power at the crucial moment? In this article, you will learn everything about the different options for powering your dashcam and how to ensure that your car camera is always ready for use.

The optimal power supply for your dashcam

A vehicle dashcam continuously records what is happening while you are driving. To ensure that this works smoothly and that your car camera does not let you down at the crucial moment, a constant and reliable power source is of course essential. Especially when you consider that the battery of a dashcam is usually quite small and therefore runs out quickly. An interruption in the power supply can mean that important recordings are not recorded and saved. Dashcams can be powered in various ways. The most common charging methods are either connecting them via the cigarette lighter, using a USB cable, using a power bank depending on the running time, or the cable is hard-wired into the car's fuse box.

Which power supply is best for you

Almost all car cameras are powered directly from your vehicle using a charging cable that is plugged into the cigarette lighter. This allows you to conveniently charge the camera while driving, ensuring a continuous power supply. Although this is the most common method in most cases, some drivers find it annoying because the cable can quickly get in the way. To remedy this, it is a good idea to install the power cable permanently behind the car panel. If you choose this option, it will of course depend on the car brand, as the installation will vary slightly from vehicle to vehicle. But with a little manual skill and the right tools, installation is quick and straightforward.

If that's too much work for you, you can also use Velcro cable ties. Another option is to power your dashcam using a USB port - modern vehicles are all equipped with USB ports. Always connect the right cable to the right power source to prevent any damage to your camera. A powerful power bank is also a good option for quick charging, but you must always make sure that it is charged. This option is therefore more of an emergency solution.

With the different models of our hardwire kits, your dashcam can always be supplied with a constant power supply - this makes charging quick and safe. This means you can leave the camera switched on even at night. This kit is suitable for vehicles with voltage levels of 12 to 24 volts.

Tips for a permanent and safe power supply even in parking mode

You can of course also leave your dashcam switched on in parking mode. This is especially useful for protecting your car when you park it. In combination with a hardwire cable or an external power bank, some of our models, such as the VIOFO A129 Plus Duo , protect your car day and night. This is done using the so-called buffered parking mode, which automatically creates and saves recordings in the event of movement or collision.

If you want to use the option of connecting your camera to the car battery via the fuse box in parking mode, please note that you will need special cables such as the HK3-C cable and the appropriate attachments. In addition, for the respective dashcam models with a Type-C connection for power supply, you will need an additional USB-C to USB-A adapter, such as the original VIOFO USB-C cable. The USB-C adapter must be connected to the car's connection. We are always happy to give you comprehensive advice on questions about our various dashcams including accessories. We also offer a practical installation service, just get in touch with us.

Future-oriented solutions for dashcam power supply

Due to the enormous technological advances, the power supply options for dashcams are also constantly evolving. Innovative solutions such as energy generation from solar modules could play a major role in the future and fundamentally change the way we power our dashcams. Because the power supply is and remains an important aspect for the functionality of your dashcam.

Before purchasing a car camera, it is recommended that you find out about the different options and choose the solution that is right for your vehicle and your personal needs. With the right knowledge and a little preparation, you can be sure that your dashcam will always be ready when you need it. If you have any further questions or would like advice, we are happy to help. Contact us and let's work together to ensure safety on our roads.

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