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Many cars and vans offer poor rear visibility. Some models have no rear window at all, while others have it much too small, making the rear view mirror obsolete. In such cases, a mirror dash cam helps you see the area behind the vehicle and keep a better overview of the traffic. The dual car camera is mounted directly on the rearview mirror and gives you a clear view of the rear while driving.

Rear view camera for uninterrupted rear visibility

A dashcam ensures safety in the vehicle and keeps an eye on everything on the road. But in traffic, not everything happens in front of the car; incidents and accidents can also happen behind it. Therefore, two are better than one camera! A front camera and a rear camera film from every angle and provide you with valuable evidence in the event of damage. For cars with poor visibility to the rear, a rearview mirror dash cam is perfect. It replaces the rearview mirror when driving and offers a clear view day and night. For example, discover our Vantrue Mirror 2 - M2 1440p mirror dual dashcam with touchscreen / GPS . The two-in-one display replaces the rear-view mirror and can be easily operated using the touchscreen. The rear camera not only allows a view to the rear, but also serves as a useful parking aid with guidelines. Thanks to the high image resolution with 2.5 Full HD resolution, every detail in the videos can be seen. Revolutionize your driving experience and transform your rearview mirror into a smart device with a mirror dash cam.

More security and practical functions

A mirror dash cam not only provides more safety thanks to its optimal rear view, modern devices also help you with a variety of gadgets when driving and parking. The reversing aid is particularly practical. It provides a clear, high-resolution image when reversing and helps you park with reversing guide lines. Once the car is parked, it can be monitored using parking mode. The G-sensor senses movement on the vehicle and automatically starts recording, so you have solid evidence in the event of vandalism or theft. A high-quality mirror dash cam also offers help when driving with a lane assistant and collision warning system. The front camera is able to recognize the boundaries of the lane and warns if the driver leaves the lane or encounters an obstacle on the road. If you need further information about the rearview mirror function, reversing camera and parking monitor, our competent customer service team will be happy to help you. Contact us and we will help you choose the right mirror dash cam.

frequently asked Questions

A mirror dash cam is a dual car camera in which the front camera is mounted directly above the rearview mirror. A second rear-view camera also films everything behind the car. The recording from the rear-view camera can be played live on the rear-view mirror while driving, so that a complete view to the rear is possible. A mirror dash cam is particularly useful in vehicles with poor or no visibility through the rearview mirror. The dashcam switches on automatically when the engine starts and films what happens while you drive.

The regulations vary from country to country. In Germany, an interior mirror (rearview mirror) is mandatory in addition to the two exterior mirrors. However, it is not mandatory that you have to see something through the interior mirror. Therefore, some vans lack a rear window that would allow rear visibility and fully loaded cars are also permitted. At the same time, using a mirror dash cam does not hinder the view to the rear when used appropriately. If the dash cam is on, it can display the image from the rear view camera. If you turn it off, it serves as a normal rearview mirror. Mirror dash cams are therefore permitted in Germany as long as you do not violate any data protection laws when filming.

Whether dashcam recordings are admissible as evidence in court varies from case to case. In principle, it is not permitted in this country to constantly film what is happening on the street and save the videos on the SD card for no reason. Therefore, most dashcam models use loop recording, which automatically overwrites older files. If there is an accident and legal proceedings, each case is considered individually. If there is video material from a car camera, the personal rights of the person being filmed and the interests of the person making the film are weighed against each other.