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Dashcams are far from just for cars. Motorcyclists also benefit from the advanced security and functions of a camera. A special motorcycle dash cam keeps an eye on everything with a front and rear camera and provides valuable recordings of the front and back of your vehicle in the event of incidents and accidents while driving. Discover our products and offers and find your new dashcam for your motorcycle in the WnB online shop.

Motorcycle camera for maximum security

Motorcyclists have a significantly higher risk when driving than car drivers. Motorcycles lack seat belts, crumple zones and are significantly smaller than the average car or truck. Dangerous road situations and incidents often arise due to car drivers losing concentration when overtaking, turning or crossing intersections. The use of a motorcycle dash cam has great advantages here. If you were overlooked by another driver, you have the opportunity to use the recordings to prove how the accident happened and you can ask the person at fault to pay. Our VIOFO MT1 motorcycle 2CH dashcam 1080p offers you extra protection on the roads. Thanks to the 170 degree wide-angle lens, the front camera and rear camera provide a detailed and wide view front and back. With the Sony Starvis image sensors, the motorcycle dash cam achieves razor-sharp HD image quality during the day and at night. Even if you have the cameras turned off, the built-in G-sensor ensures that the dashcam automatically records if a collision occurs.

Helpful features for motorcyclists

In addition to razor-sharp videos, a motorcycle dash cam has numerous other functions to offer. Our cameras are not only waterproof, but also sand and dust resistant and can even be mounted on a dirt bike as action cameras. The built-in GPS module can integrate the date, time, speed and location into the video as desired. All images and videos can be easily transferred to your smartphone via WiFi so that you always have them to hand. Important settings on the motorcycle dash cam can also be changed directly using your cell phone. If you have parked your motorcycle in a public space, a motorcycle dash cam also protects you from theft and vandalism. You can choose whether the cameras switch on when an event is detected, film in time-lapse or record permanently at a low bit rate. Get the latest dashcam technology now and ensure maximum protection for your motorcycle around the clock.

frequently asked Questions

The installation and use of a motorcycle dash cam is generally permitted, but a few rules must be observed. Motorcyclists who use dash cams as action cams and publish the videos on online portals are violating data protection in Germany. Images and video recordings of journeys in which other road users and vehicles can be seen are only permitted for private use. But here too, you cannot save the videos for no reason if there is no notable incident in them. If you follow these rules, there is nothing wrong with using a motorcycle camera.

The prices of a motorcycle dash cam can vary greatly depending on the model, manufacturer and dealer. However, we recommend that our customers spend a little more money so that the dash cam really serves its purpose. A product with multiple cameras, HD quality, GPS functionality and other important features will pay off in the long run. Dashcams with a good price-performance ratio start at around 200 euros.

The use of a dashcam in a car, truck or motorcycle is not illegal in Germany as long as it does not violate personal rights. Under no circumstances may the images and videos from the cameras be saved or even uploaded to the Internet for no reason. That's why almost all dash cams use a loop function in which older recordings are automatically copied over.