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Showing 1 - 11 of 11 products
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VIOFO set with 4 different fuses (attachments) for VIOFO Hardwire Kit VIOFO set with 4 different fuses (attachments) for VIOFO Hardwire Kit
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VIOFO A139 2 Channel 1440p Dash CamVIOFO A139 2 Channel 1440p Dash Cam
VIOFO A139 3 Channel 1440p Dash CamVIOFO A139 3 Channel 1440p Dash Cam
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VIOFO A139 PRO 1CH 2160p Dashcam (First true 4K thanks to SONY STARVIS 2 sensor)VIOFO A139 PRO 1CH 2160p Dashcam (First true 4K thanks to SONY STARVIS 2 sensor)
VIOFO CPL-300 Filter Replacement Adhesive Pads

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VIOFO A139 and VIOFO A139 pro with relevant accessories

So you have a sharp picture during the day and in the dark: The models VIOFO A139 and VIOFO A139 Pro ensure that your safety is significantly improved. The innovative SONY STARVIS sensor ensures high resolution and excellent recording quality at night. If you are looking for a reliable dual channel dash cam, the VIOFO A139 2 Channel 1440p Dash Cam is a great model for you. The 140° front camera and 170° rear view camera have the entire road situation in front and behind in view. The CPL filters minimize reflections and glare from windows and the road surface, which increases the quality of the images. Our VIOFO A139 PRO dash cam with accessories and real 4K thanks to the SONY STARVIS 2 sensor offers even more functions . Due to the high image sharpness, number plates can be captured with accuracy, the built-in GPS integrates driving data such as speed, time and location into the videos. With the associated WLAN and voice notifications in several languages, the dash cam can hardly be surpassed in terms of user-friendliness.

Smart dash cams for your car

Since 2011, the manufacturer VIOFO has been providing innovations in dashcam development. While cameras at that time were very large and became unsafe in the heat due to a built-in battery, the brand established small, handy car cameras without a built-in battery. With constant innovations, VIOFO ensures continuous improvement of its products with modern technologies such as high video resolution, dual recording systems and built-in GPS loggers. The efforts pay off and many VIOFO dashcams are very high in product tests.

If you are not sure whether the VIOFO A139, the VIOFO A139 Pro or another VIOFO model is the right device for you, please feel free to contact us. Customer service is a top priority at our White & Black Shop and we look forward to helping you with your dash cam choice.

frequently asked Questions

The VIOFO A139 Pro is the successor to the VIOFO A139. While many features are the same, the A130 Pro offers a few improvements and added benefits for drivers. The biggest difference between the two models is the introduction of the innovative SONY STARVIS 2 sensor technology. As a result, the 4k dash cam impresses with significantly better image sharpness and accuracy when capturing license plates and a highly optimized night vision.

Yes, installing a dashcam in a vehicle is not prohibited in Germany. When using the camera, however, you have to observe a few regulations. Continuous filming and permanent storage of the recordings without significant incident is not permitted. Many car cameras therefore have a loop function that automatically overwrites older videos.

The Viofo A 139 and the VIOFO A139 Pro can be purchased with a front camera, a dual system with front and inner camera or front and rear camera or a complete system with three cameras. Which version you prefer is entirely up to you.

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