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Straßenverkehr mit Navi-Halterung

The GPS module for your Vantrue dashcam

Regardless of whether you travel by car for work or pleasure: incidents and accidents can happen quickly and are particularly nerve-wracking for everyone involved. However, if you have a dashcam with a GPS module, you have solid evidence. Not only the footage from the street, but also the exact location, speed and date will help you better understand what happened and prove your innocence. For our Vantrue models we offer you a practical navigation holder. With a mini USB connection, the navigation mount is connected to your dash cam and fixed to your windshield using a useful attachment. The GPS receiver module allows you to check your route, location and speed at any time using the Vantrue Player software. Depending on the type of camera, you can choose the appropriate mount and choose between an adhesive mount or a suction base. This means your devices have everything in view and you can concentrate entirely on what's happening on the road while driving.

Practical products and holders for car cameras

Dashcams are more than just recording devices. Depending on the brand and model, you have the option of getting other important assistance functions with the right accessories. On our website you will find an extensive product selection for our VIOFO and Vantrue range. A navigation mount with a GPS detector is essential for insurance or legal proceedings in order to be able to document important data after an accident. If you want to completely secure your car when it is parked, you can use your dashcam as a surveillance camera with the help of a hardwire kit . With an SD card with a lot of storage, you have enough capacity for all video recordings, even on long journeys.

If you are not sure whether your Vantrue model is compatible with our navigation holder or if you have any other questions about our products, please feel free to contact us. Our competent staff will do everything to help our customers find the right items.

Auto fahren mit Navi-Halterung

frequently asked Questions

Our Vantrue sat nav mount is compatible with all Vantrue dashcams in our range. However, when ordering, make sure that you choose the right model. In the product description you can see exactly which type of camera the mounts fit with.

Depending on the dashcam manufacturer, many car cameras already have a GPS module integrated. With others you can buy it as an option. This extension ensures that a video stamp with route, speed, location and date is included in the recordings. This makes it easier to prove the cause of an incident and makes it easier to identify the culprit.

A dashcam in a car or motorcycle is not prohibited in Germany. However, there are a few regulations that you must follow when using it. For example, it is forbidden to constantly film and save the recordings permanently. Therefore, most devices have a loop function that automatically overwrites older data.

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