Unser Dashcam Vergleich: Welche Modelle bieten was?

Car cameras are becoming increasingly popular and are a popular gadget in this country for recording what is happening on the road and monitoring the vehicle. In the event of an accident, the recording can be used to deduce what happened and prove one's innocence. The number of different brands and models is correspondingly large.

But which products are reliable, deliver sharp images and offer you other useful functions? Here you will find a comprehensive comparison of our most popular dashcams, which will help you find out which model is right for you and your needs.

Our most popular models in the dashcam comparison

Dashcams are much more than compact cameras that film traffic. In order not to violate data protection guidelines, they must also meet certain requirements. For example, the devices must not save all recordings unnecessarily, but only save videos for specific occasions. Therefore, in addition to video quality, operation and parking monitoring, features such as G-sensor and loop recording are also important. In this article, you will find a detailed overview and important information about our dashcams that will help you choose your car camera.

VIOFO A119 MINI 1944p Dash Cam

The VIOFO A119 MINI stands out for its compactness. Only slightly larger than a car key, it is very discreet, can be attached invisibly behind the rear-view mirror and does not take up any space in the car. Despite its small size, the dashcam offers all the important functions you would expect from a car camera. The built-in GPS records speed, time and distance. The loop recording automatically overwrites older videos. The Sony STARVIS IMX335 sensor ensures razor-sharp images that ensure no detail is lost, even at night. The camera is also equipped with voice notifications in several languages, so you are always informed about important events without looking at the device.

Top 3 advantages:

  • Sharp images day and night
  • Extremely small
  • Sony STARVIS image sensor

Vantrue N4 3 Channel 1440p Dash Cam

With the Vantrue N4 3 Channel, you always have everything in view thanks to the three cameras. The model not only films the traffic at the front and rear, but also the interior of the vehicle. This means you are fully protected and can reconstruct the course of events in every incident. Thanks to the powerful Stony STARVIS CMOS image sensor and its high-quality 6-glass lenses, the dashcam films sharp images without image noise even in dark situations. Even when the camera is switched off, motion detection runs and the device switches on automatically before an impact. The G-sensor emergency lock ensures that important recordings are saved automatically. The 24-hour parking mode ensures maximum safety when parked. This means you have footage of every accident and can prove the course of events.

Top 3 advantages:

  • Heat-resistant supercapacitor
  • Collision detection
  • Complete surveillance by 3 cameras

Nextbase 622GW 4k Dash Cam

This model is one of the best-known dashcams and has already won several dashcam comparisons. For example, it is the test winner in the Computer Bild Dashcam Test 2024. The camera offers razor-sharp images even in poor visibility conditions and enables recordings in 4K quality at a full 30fps. Its digital image stabilization reduces vibrations while driving and improves the images. In addition to parking monitoring, G-sensor and a wide recording angle, the dashcam impresses with its unique SOS function. The integrated "what3words" also provides the location offline, makes an automatic emergency call in the event of an accident and helps the emergency services to find the vehicle quickly.

Top 3 advantages:

  • SOS function
  • Super Slow Motion
  • Extreme Weather Mode

VIOFO A139 PRO Dash Cam

The VIOFO A139 is a real all-rounder and offers you numerous functions. With its 4K technology, it balances dark and light images and films razor-sharp recordings day and night. With integrated WiFi, you can transfer all data wirelessly and operate the device via the app control. The 4k camera lens can be rotated 300 ° so that you can individually adjust the viewing angle. Thanks to the built-in GPS, your videos contain important driving data such as location, speed and time, so that they are more meaningful as evidence. In addition, the VIOFO models have voice notifications in several languages ​​and warn you of errors or changes to the settings.

Top 3 advantages:

  • True 4K HDR
  • Three parking modes
  • Optimized license plate recognition

Vantrue Mirror 2 - M2 1440p Mirror Dual Dashcam

It doesn't get more modern than this: If you're looking for the new generation of dashcams, the Vantrue Mirror 2 is perfect for you. This dashcam not only records what's happening on the road in razor-sharp detail, but its rear-view camera also functions as a rear-view mirror with almost no blind spots. While driving, the device assists with a lane assistant and collision warning. If you leave your lane or encounter an obstacle on the road, you will be warned directly and can avoid possible accidents. When reversing, the camera provides you with a high-resolution image and helps you park with reversing lines. The 12-inch touchscreen offers a wide view and is easy to use. With this mirror dashcam, you can turn your rear-view mirror into a smart device.

Top 3 advantages:

  • Parking assistant
  • Lane assistant and collision warning
  • Smart rearview mirror

Z-Edge Z3D GPS Dual Dashcam 2.7

With this model you won't miss a single license plate. Both the front and rear cameras of the Z-Edge Z3D can record in Full HD at 30 frames per second. The 150 ° wide-angle lens captures all lanes and reduces blind spots. The Wide Dynamic Range technology balances out bright and dark spots when recording and ensures a sharp image even in poor visibility conditions. The integrated GPS lets you display your location, speed and route, which is crucial for the usability of the videos as evidence. If you are looking for a compact camera with great performance, the Z-Edge is ideal for you.

Top 3 advantages:

  • Extremely wide field of view
  • WDR technology
  • GPS logger

Dashcam review: Overview

There is a wide variety of dashcams, so there is a model to suit every taste and need. From small, compact cameras to multi-channel systems with three cameras to smart devices: each model impresses with its individual functions. We have summarized the most important points in a helpful table so that you can get an overview of the dashcam models. Since all of our devices are high quality, your decision ultimately depends on your specific requirements and the price. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us . We will give you comprehensive advice on all of our products.



Loop recording



Parking monitoring

picture quality

Traffic sign recognition

VIOFO A119 Mini

Buttons+ App



Vantrue N4 3 Channel





Nextbase 622GW 4k

Touchscreen+ voice control app


1080p 30fps


Buttons+ App


4k 30fps

Vantrue Mirror 2

Touch screen



Z-Edge Z3D

Buttons+ App



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