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Car sticker variations (large and small)Car sticker variations (large and small)
Platinum Place Car sticker variations (large and small)
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Car sticker In Car Recording - 60x51 mm - outside
Car sticker Dash Cam Recording white - 76x25mm - window inside Car sticker Dash Cam Recording white - 76x25mm - window inside

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Why a “Dashcam” car sticker is important

Dashcam bumper stickers can be a useful and easy way to warn other drivers that your vehicle is equipped with a dashcam. These stickers show other drivers that they may be being recorded, which can serve as a deterrent against inappropriate behavior. Additionally, these vehicle stickers can also help dashcam footage be accepted as evidence in legal matters as it shows that the other drivers were aware of the dashcam's presence in the car. Buy your car sticker now in our online shop!

Car stickers from our shop

Our exclusive dash cam car stickers are the perfect addition to your vehicle. With professional design and different sizes and colors, you'll be spoiled for choice. We have, among other things, stickers with a black lift in German and a size of 203x85mm as well as smaller stickers with a white lift in English in the size of 76x25mm. Each sticker also has a clear background and shows an image of a dashcam, which not only looks stylish, but also visually indicates a possible recording in addition to the lettering. We offer both inside and outside window stickers to suit your individual preferences. Make your vehicle even safer and more stylish with our highest quality dash cam car stickers and order them now from our shop!

frequently asked Questions

The price depends on the size of the sticker. While the small stickers cost €0.50, the larger ones cost €2.50.

The delivery time depends on where you live. After you enter your address at checkout, you will be shown different shipping methods and can then choose between standard and express shipping. The stickers can also be picked up from our warehouse in Berlin.

Yes, you can remove the stickers, but you cannot use them again.

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